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Tricolla Farms Artisanal Hemp Tee


Rep Tricolla Farms and show your support for small farms, sustainability and intentional, craft cannabis cultivation.

100% cotton, charcoal grey, unisex sizing


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Show your support for small farms, craft cannabis and sustainable, regenerative agriculture by repping the Tricolla Farms tee!

Cultivating our hemp flower by hand, using strictly organic and biodynamic practices has a high financial burden. Hemp farmers face the same issues as traditional crop farmers: a lot of risk for the tiniest margins of the entire supply chain. Did you know that many a lot of farms (corn, soybean, cotton, dairy) are subsidized by the government because they simply cannot be profitable in the current model that exists? This is a clear recognition of the fact that farmers are necessary to feed us, to clothe us, and to heal us, but are not paid enough to fulfill those responsibilities on their own. What’s even worse is that most of those subsidies go to the largest corporate farms. Crazy, right?!

We rely on conscious consumers like you – consumers who care about where their products come from, who they are supporting with their dollars, the environmental and social impact of their purchases – to keep the TONIC/Tricolla Farms ethos alive. Showing your support by purchasing a Tricolla Farms t-shirt is a small way that you can make a big difference; every dollar helps us continue to serve you, serve the land and deliver intentional, sustainable healing to the people who need it. Don’t stop here, though – support local farms however you can; keep caring where your products come from, how they are produced and the people that are behind them.

 🙏 With a lot of love,

The Tricolla and Carbone families

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