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The Power Couple

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How to enhance the balancing, awakening stress relieving effects of our O.G. TONIC:

Pair it with POWERFUL High Spirit Spritz by Sackville & Co!


POWERFUL Room Spray combines ultra purified, crystal-charged water with a bold and uplifting combination of citrus scents to help transform your space and shift your state of mind.


The O.G. TONIC is our perfect daytime blend, providing balance and clarity even in life’s most stressful moments.


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#FixYourVibe – Work From Home Edition

  1. Drop a dose of O.G TONIC to level out, overcome stress and improve mental clarity.
  2. Surround yourself with the purifying, uplifting and bold citrus scents of Sackville & Co’s POWERFUL Room Spray
  3. Take over the world…. or at least answer those emails that you have been putting off all day, finish up an assignment, get some housework done, get out of your pajamas. It all seems equally challenging these days, amiright?

woman reaching for OG-tonic cbd with pre-roll and room-spray on the floor

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in