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the og tonic cbd with ashwagandha and black-seed-oil
chill-tonic cbd full-spectrum hemp with ashwagandha lemon-balm and passionflower
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From our craft cultivation methods to our industry- leading authentication technology, we go further to ensure the quality & purity of every TONIC product


  • By Sanyu Estelle Mercury Retrograde is here. While most of the world may try to throw you into a whirl please don't fret. This can be a great way to discover things about yourself that you may have never known! Trust

  • Location: Tuscaloosa County, AL Size: 9 Acres, Greenhouses and outdoor field Established: 2019 Products: Seeds, Clones, Flower, Pre-Roll Joints Cultivation Process: Greenhouse, outdoor field, sustainable practices  Brands: VanHoose Hemp Co., Roots Rolling Papers  VanHoose Hemp Co. is a minority, woman-owned, family business offering organic, sustainable hemp

  • By Boyuan Gao Between the coronavirus outbreak, the shocking news about Kobe Bryant (which I received in a group text thread in a very blunt and abrasive fashion), the impeachment hearings, and the onslaught of a million other pieces of bad

  • Location: Shelton, WA (90 Minutes outside of Seattle) Size: Tier III 30,000 square feet of canopy Established: 2013 Products: Flower, Oil, Pre-Roll Joints, Hemp Oil & CBD Topicals Cultivation Process: Greenhouse, solar energy and sustainable practices. Brands: THC Co., PAPAVU,

  • By Sanyu Estelle Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will soon be “upon us.” And depending on where you live, the seeming backward movement of Mercury through our skies (“stationing retrograde”) will take place from approximately February 16th to March 10th. Give or

  • By: Nicole Benoit Ahhh, the annual surge of renewed self-will and determined gusto is in the air. It’s wrapped in a beautiful box with the “New Year, New Me” bow on top. But perhaps, if you’re in the same situation as

minorities-for-medical-marijuana tonic february nonprofit partner
Each month we partner with a different nonprofit organization because we believe our mission to bring the most healing to the most people goes beyond CBD.