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The Good Vibe Tribe

Bundle & Save with The Good Vibe Tribe

The Good Vibe Tribe contains our (full size) Chill, OG & Warrior Tonics in a zip-up travel pouch!

The OG

The perfect blend for daytime anxiety relief and defense against the effects of chronic stress. OG balances mood and energy levels while working to restore and maintain your body’s ideal state of balance. The original blend of CBD + Ashwagandha that started it all. When our founder, Brittany, started to combine the adaptogenic, anxiety-relieving, mood-boosting powers of CBD + Ashwagandha Root the results changed her life. The combination not only resulted in relief from social anxiety but an improved mood, better sleep quality, better workout recovery, and enhanced focus & mental clarity. Brittany knew she had to share this with the world and provide others with the all-natural benefits that she had found. So, with this original, adaptogenic combination Tonic was born (hence the name OG!)

[learn more about Ashwagandha/adaptogens here]


Recommended for moderate-severe anxiety relief or evening use for better sleep and generally super chill vibes.

Chill takes the anxiety-relieving effects of OG to the next level by adding Lemon Balm & Passion Flower. These soothing herbs work to relieve anxiety by regulating GABA levels to allow for greater relaxation of your nervous system and calming relief from racing thoughts and the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Chill also has 800mg CBD, compared to OG’s 700mg, which adds to its increased power as well!

[learn more about the herbs in Chill here]


Keep fighting the good fight, don’t let pain get in the way. Warrior is our small but mighty topical pain relief oil that is perfect for relieving acute inflammation. Whether it’s sore muscles, tension, sinus pain (…even razor burn!), Warrior has got you covered.

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