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CBD and Inflammation: Less Burnout, More Balance

Chronic inflammation is thought of by many as the root of all disease.

Supplemeting with CBD may assist in regulating your immune response, which has a direct effect on inflammation levels.

When you are inflamed, your body cannot attain homeostasis: the state of balance our body is always striving towards.

Your Endocannabinoid System is a homeostatic regulator, and CBD is an endocannabinoid modulator.

This means that supplementing with CBD regulates your regulatory system AKA it gives you what you need to put out the fires that are burning you down! 

Acute Inflammation

The body’s natural immune response.

Not only beneficial, but necessary for healing and survival in cases of injury, infection or irritation.

Chronic Inflammation

A real problem; the common denominator of all disease!

Chronic inflammation can lead to allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease, bursitis, colitis, heart disease, infection, osteoporosis, tendonitis and more.

Why Are You Chronically Inflamed?


Most Americans suffer from chronic inflammation because of the Standard American Diet, or ‘SAD’ (in more ways than one).

Too many refined sugars and carbohydrates; too many chemicals, preservatives and hormones; not enough antioxidants and nutrients.

Environmental Toxins

Everyday exposure to toxins like BPAs in plastic water bottles, general air pollution, and trace amounts of heavy metals and pesticides in our food supply can all add up to be a significant source of inflammation.

Stress and Poor Sleep

Another big inflammation booster is stress.

Cortisol (stress hormone) becomes persistently elevated during times of prolonged stress.

Your immune system and adrenals go into overdrive as a reaction to the “WE ARE IN DANGER” message being communicated by high cortisol levels.

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When cortisol is high, your body is in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Your system assumes that if you are that stressed, there must be an emergency that needs to be immediately addressed for the sake of survival.

So, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in and is ready to do 1 of 2 things: fight for survival, or run.

It is a vicious cycle:

  • Stress causes inflammation and poor sleep
  • Poor sleep causes more inflammation.

Controlling cortisol levels can help your body focus on thriving rather than just surviving.

Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts (Nobody’s Safe)

Working out causes micro-traumas to the muscle and essentially breaks you down in order to build you back stronger.

But, what happens when you don’t take the proper steps to rebuild?

If you aren’t taking enough recovery time, eating enough protein and nutrient-dense foods (letting your body heal), then you are going to get stuck in an inflammation cycle.

Without proper recovery, you are not allowing the acute, controlled inflammatory response to subside.

This results in low-grade chronic inflammation which will ultimately hinder your goals.

Tissue that does not heal completely produce inflammatory chemicals that promote inflammation throughout the whole body. 

CBD to the Rescue?

CBD has been shown to have a marked effect on the immune response. It interacts with pathways of the body and Endocannabinoid System that are closely related to immune function.

Cannabinoids suppress the inflammatory response and decrease disease by regulating the activity of neurotransmitters and receptor sites that play a critical role in immune function. (Nichols, Kaplan)

CBD, and cannabinoids in general, have a powerful antioxidant effect, helping free the body of free radicals. (click here to view the US government’s patent: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants)

Chronically high levels of free radicals in your body cause a prolonged immune response… and a prolonged immune response is just another way of saying… you guessed it: CHRONIC INFLAMMATION! 

When your immune system is on the fritz, your body is in attack mode; it sees threats all over the place and is more concerned about mitigating disaster than building strength and vitality. 

CBD is the ultimate internal firefighter because not only does it directly regulate the immune system by interacting with the CB2 receptors within the immune system, it also helps to relieve anxiety and regulate sleep which lowers cortisol levels and allows your body to chill out.

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When inflammation is present, homeostasis (the body’s ideal state of balance) cannot be attained.

CBD reduces inflammation, bringing us closer to achieving homeostasis. It also balances our Endocannabinoid System, which plays a very important role in regulating homeostasis and the balance between mind and body. 

TONIC’s OG & Chill Doses take these capabilities a step further by adding adaptogenic ashwagandha root.

Ashwagandha is a restorative and balancing herb that reduces the effects of chronic stress, boosts immune function and relieves anxiety, working synergistically with full spectrum hemp extract to make you feel better, look better, and live better.  

Immune System Regulation + Stress Relief + Endocannabinoid System Balance = Inflammation’s Worst Nightmare.