TONIC was created with one simple principle in mind: 

restore the essential balance between mind, body and soul.

Our hemp-derived CBD and botanical blends create a completely holistic method to help you feel your best & #FixYourVibetonic logo

TONIC Doses combine hemp extract with adaptogenic herbs to strengthen your body’s defenses against internal and external stressors while bringing you closer to homeostasis – the body’s ideal state of balance.

<a href="https://tonicvibes.com/product/tonic-og/">OG</a><a href="https://tonicvibes.com/product/bare-tonic-600mg/">BARE</a><a href="https://tonicvibes.com/product/chill-tonic/">CHILL</a>

TONIC Topicals provide game-changing pain relief by combining the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD with unique blends of soothing, pain-relieving essential oils.

<a href="https://tonicvibes.com/product/warrior-tonic/">WARRIOR</a><a href="https://tonicvibes.com/product/chronic-tonic/">CHRONIC</a>

Zen Dog CBD treats are the 100% natural way to relieve your best buddy of symptoms like pain+inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. They also go a long way in strengthening your dog’s immunity, creating balance within their furry little bodies & preventing inflammatory diseases.